Honor Our Members & Support the Scholarship Program

Recognize and reward your members with a Pacific Region Garden Clubs Life Membership to celebrate their guidance and commitment to strengthening your club, state organization, and/or region.

Life memberships may be purchased by individuals, organizations or districts 

to honor a member or individuals may purchase their own. 

The Life Membership donations support the Region’s scholarship program and 

are fully tax deductible. 

 Send completed applications and checks to: 

Pacific Region Garden Clubs Life Membership Chairman;

 Marlene Kinney 


315 Windmill Canyon Pl, Clayton, CA 94517-1904

925-693-0245 925-997-7958 

 The Life Membership donation is $75. 

 The donation includes a Life Membership pin and certificate, along with a welcome letter.  

Make check payable to: Pacific Region Garden Clubs, Inc