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Robin's Hot Flash


October 7, 2019


Hi All……… I just returned from Nevada’s Fall Conference meeting in Las Vegas and I took lots of notes I want to share with you. First I will commend Judy Stebbins, President, Nevada Garden Clubs, Inc. for her expert and gracious presiding at Nevada’s meeting. Judy mentioned something positive after every club report – that she enjoyed attending this one’s meeting, or that she had learned something or other at that one’s meeting. Did you know that Clark County (Las Vegas) is number one in the U.S. in school gardens? What are they doing right? Anything your state, district or club might be interested in? Visit Green Our Planet’s website. 

Each club brought a display and so they had a great visual tool when they reported. This was the first time this had been tried in Nevada and it was wonderfully successful. At the break after the club reports, nearly everyone was looking at the displays more carefully. Great idea!

Nevada has created a professional looking publicity flyer – they list every club in the state with a contact number and when and where the club meets. I realize every state can’t do that but you could have district flyers. One clever membership idea came up with the mention of Lee Pearns (former Nevada state president and region director). She would pay the membership dues for a caregiver or driver or daughter/son who drove a member to garden club and say “there, now YOU are a member.” In the telling of the story, it was said that then the caregiver/driver/daughter/son felt guilty and so would start to attend and then often became an interested member. At one event open to the public, one club would give a small plant to visitors to their booth in exchange for their email address. And one more idea – reuse pill bottles by securely attaching a flat rock (larger than the pill bottle cap) to the bottle top; put a set of spare keys in the bottle and bury the bottle near the door – the rock camouflages its true purpose (or should I say RE-purpose?).

Just before Nevada’s meeting, Greg and I were at California Garden Clubs, Inc.’s Fall Board Meeting in Redding, California. California has a lot of chairmen – a third of them were asked to present a display (much like Nevada’s club displays), while the other two-thirds orally reported. The room was filled to capacity with interesting information and education.

Is anyone going on the post-convention tour with Greg and me? I guess we don’t have to rent a bus since it may only be the two of us. If you are going, you could help me sleep better by sending in your tour deposit (to Becky Hassebroek).

I’m still waiting for some more installations for the installation booklet – and any last minute recipes for the Region cookbook. Don’t forget that Becky Cook ( would still be happy to receive inspirations, benedictions, poems, and memorials for the booklet she’s got under construction. 

And the Photo Phundraiser – hope you are rustling up the pictures you’ve taken and are planning to enter several. Are you talking to your club members about entering? Remember the club with the most entries (not necessarily winners) is going to receive $100!!!!!

Pacific Region Garden Clubs is firing up this autumn – I hope it helps you Reconnect to YOUR Pacific Region!”