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Robin Pokorski



       Pacific Region Director  


2019 - 2021


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Robin's Hot Flash


July 1, 2019


The summer is upon us – Alaskans are gardening like crazy while Arizonans and desert dwellers are running for the indoors only to peek out through the slats of their blinds at     the heat outside.  I installed officers for Long Beach Garden Club in (surprisingly) Long Beach, California. At the sign-in table there were several birthday cards – the associated envelope had the birthday guy/gal’s name on it. Members sign their birthday wishes to any or all of the cards. The birthday guy/gal then wears a hat at the meeting – so all can easily identify the birthday member that day (they turn in the hats at the end of the meeting). 

The club had a round Education Table – the table had signup sheets for hosting meetings, to attend social events, the Pacific Region Director’s “Coming Attractions” sheet – and it appeared that most members stopped and read all or most of what the table had to offer.

At their May meeting, members were asked to jot down a suggestion for a tour for their club. At this June meeting, members were issued four colored adhesive circles/dots. Each of the tour suggestions were hand-printed on a large poster-sized post-it paper. The posters were hung on the wall and doors around the room – at the break, the members could vote by placing their dots under the name of the tour they most liked – a member could put all four dots on one tour or one dot each on four tours. Very clever visual so that members could see what was most popular – and if their dot was the only dot on a tour then at least they could know they were the only one interested. 

They talked about how much everyone enjoyed their last social outing – members went to the flower mart, got flowers and then went back to a member’s home and arranged the flowers. Is that something your club or district could try?