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Register schools, refreshers, symposia, and workshops with  Lana Finegold   for publication in WACONIAH. When planning symposia or schools near state borders, you may want to alert the border states of your intentions so they won't also plan a symposium or school nearby, which will dilute attendance at both locations. 

 Although the courses are intended primarily for garden club members, they are open to the general public, requiring only the payment of a nominal fee. 

Flower Show Schools

 Come and join us for Flower Show School! Flower Show School is not only for prospective flower show exhibitors and judges, but also for all garden club members and all persons interested in flower design and horticulture.The horticulture curriculum consists of basic general information on proper gardening techniques from seed/plant selection to plant culture and control of problems. Information is also presented on cultural needs of specific perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs, as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts and how to grow superior container plants. Design instruction covers traditional floral arrangements through contemporary styles and even designs incorporating lights and motors. Many attendees are particularly interested in table setting designs showing coordination of floral centerpiece, linens and dishes. Vignettes, small segments of rooms, also give ideas on interior decorating. While the primary purpose of these courses is to train those wishing to become flower show judges, many people attend for information only and those people do not have to take the examinations! 

Gardening Schools

The NGC Gardening School courses are designed to provide information on topics of interest to those especially interested in gardening, horticulture and related topics. The program consists of a series of four courses. Topics include basic botany, soils, growing annuals,perennials, trees and shrubs, fruits and vegetables, lawns, pests and diseases of plants, plant classification,pruning and selected topics of local interest

Garden club members completing the series of four courses are awarded the designation of Gardening Consultant. Attendees from the general public may attain Consultant status by joining a garden club during the course series or within a year after completion of the four courses.                                                   

Landscape Design Schools

 NGC welcomes all interested gardeners to landscape design school whose purpose is to develop an appreciation of the env ironment, both natural and built. The curriculum, in a series of four courses, covers a wide range of subjects: from landscape design history to landscape architecture in the year 2000 and beyond. Since its founding in 1958, professional instructors have maintained the high standards originally incorporated in the study program. Also offered are many optional programs, such as conferences, symposia and tours. Students acquire the tools for making their own gardens more beautiful and easier to maintain. Many students have been motivated to serve in political decision-making areas where awareness of the impact of a well-designed landscape can enhance the beauty and enjoyment of life in the public arena.  

Flower Show Symposiums

A Symposium is an in-depth course of design, horticulture and allied subjects pertaining to flower shows that is more advanced than presented in Flower Show Schools. These courses are primarily intended for Flower Show Judges to maintain their credentials, but all garden club members interested in learning more about flower shows, floral design and horticulture are encouraged to attend.                                                         

Environmental School

Environmental Schools are a series of four courses in environmental study offered  by local or State Garden Clubs. Students completing the courses may become NGC Environmental Consultants.



The National Garden Clubs, Inc. offers four schools for the enrichment and educational growth of its members. Upon completion of a school, members become flower show judges or consultants. In order to maintain accreditation, judges/consultants are required to attend optional events that enhance knowledge acquired, explore current trends, and promote interest in the school subject. 

Consultants of Environmental, Gardening, and Landscape Design Schools are encouraged to refresh in optional events sponsored within the organization. A multiple refresher may be for two (Bi-Refresher) or three (Tri-Refresher) of these schools where subject matter usually overlaps to a large degree. Flower Show School symposia usually concentrate on flower shows, horticulture and design.