2020 Pacific Region Scholarship Recipient

University of Arizona School of Landscape Architecture and Planning

Paige Anthony

Paige was also awarded an NGC Scholarship for 2020


Once again the Pacific Region will offer a $1000.00 Scholarship to a student living within our Pacific Region.  This scholarship will be awarded to a student already attending a school, college or university meeting the criteria specified by the Region. 

This college or university may be of the applicant’s choice, and need not be in the Pacific Region. The applicant must complete (may be handwritten or typed) an application and include the following: 

  1.  Proof of enrollment in the school, college or university

  2.  Current GPA 

  3.  Letter from applicant stating financial need, what classes taken to promote Pacific Region objectives and list extracurricular activities showing this special interest. 

  4.  Two letters of recommendation 

  5.  A completed financial need form

Once complete, the application is sent first to the State Scholarship Chairman. That Chairman reviews all applications and forwards their choice on to the Pacific Region Scholarship Chairman AND/OR to the NGC Scholarship Committee, by the designated date.  THE PACIFIC REGION SCHOLARSHIP CHAIRMAN DOES NOT SEND AN APPLICATION ON TO THE NGC SCHOLARSHIP CHAIRMAN.  

The Pacific Region application mimics the NGC’s scholarship application. The applicant from a Pacific Region State may also apply for an NGC scholarship. 

The application and instructions are on the Pacific Region website and will be updated at the start of the new term of the Pacific Region Director.  It is imperative that the State President give the name and contact information to the Pacific Region Scholarship Chairman so that it can be posted on the Pacific Region website.  

The Pacific Region Scholarship Chairman will review all applications with a committee and a winner will be chosen based upon the NGC Scholarship guidelines.  A winner will be announced at the Pacific Region Convention and the recipient will receive a Certificate and a letter giving the procedures to collect the scholarship.  Each semester the Pacific Region Treasurer will send $500 to the school, college or university.  One check will be sent for the Fall Semester and one for the Spring Semester.  The applicant must show proof of enrollment and GPA to receive so that funds may be distributed for the spring semester.